• The Origional TurnBoard
    Improve the amount of rotations
  • Arch Genie
    Improve your Arch's Range & Flexibility
  • Ballet Bands
    Improve you whole Body's Flexibilty with Various Resistance Band Strengths
  • Flexistretcher
    Improve you whole Body's Flexibility
  • Balance Board
    Improve your Balance & Core Strength
  • Massage Balls
    Relieve Tied Feet & Legs. Helps remove muscle knots
  • Exercise Bands
    Improve your range & ankle Strength. Great prep. for Grade 5 before going En Pointe.
  • Capezio Arch Enhancer
    No need to spend more on special shoes. You can wear this in all your shoes.
  • Mad Ally Pro Dance Disc
    Travelling Dance Disc. Practice Tapping and Turns Anywhere, at any time
  • MIMY Hair Accessories
    Add the finishing touch to your exam outfit
  • MIMY Accessories
    There is a large range of Hair Accessories & Dance Props to choose from
  • MIMY Hair Bows & Clips Chart
    We can get any Colour or Style you need
  • MIMY Hair Blossoms Chart
    A large array of Sizes & Colours to choose from
  • MIMY Hair Blossoms
    Available in an array of colours & sizes
  • MIMY Dance Props Chart
    More colours available
  • MIMY RAD Ribbon Stick
    We carry 3 different colour ways
  • MIMY RAD Ribbon Blossom Headband
    Available in Pastel or Dark
  • MIMY RAD Flower Garland
    Available in Blue, Fuchsia, Mauve & Pink

  • Pointe Shoe Toe Pads
    We Carry a large selection of Toe Pads from Bunheads, Energetiks, Eurotard, Sansha & Grishko
  • Capezio Carousel Ouch Pouch range
    Available in 3 colourways in both Junior & regular ouch pouch.
  • Grishko Perforated Gel Pads
    Sleek fit with extra shock absorption on the tips of toes were needed
  • Ribbons & Elastics
    We Stock all types of Ribbons & Elastics for your Pointe Shoes
  • Bunheads Toe Accessories
    We have a large range of Toe protectors & Spacers
  • Bunheads Accessories
    We stock an assortment of helpful accessories
  • BunHeads Jet Glue
    Help Your Pointe Shoes last longer
  • Energetiks Rock Rosin
    Just crush as you need it
  • Energetiks Pointe Shoe Bag
    Complete with accessories pocket. We also stock an array of other shoe bags
  • Bunheads Hair Elastics
    We carry a large selection from a number of Brands
  • Bunheads Bobby Pins
    We carry a large selection of Styles & Colours from a number of Brands
  • Bunheads Hair Pins
    We also carry a large range from a number of Brands
  • Studio7 Bun Cover
    We carry a large selection of Styles, Colours & Brands
  • Crystal Hair Accessories
    We carry a large array to decorate your hair
  • Tiaras & Hair Combs
    We stock a large variety of Tiaras, Clips & Hair Combs
  • Pink Poppy Hair Accessories
    We carry a Large range of Hair Accessories

  • Dream Duffle Bag Set
    Available in 3 sizes. Available in Black & Colours
  • Studio7 Duffle Bags
    Available in lots & lots of colours
  • Studio7 Jnr Duffle Bags
    These bags are a great size & also have some Bling.
  • Shoe Bags
    We carry an array of shoe bags
  • Energetiks Dance Bags
    We carry an assortment of Styles, Sizes & Colours
  • Pink Poppy Dance Bags
    We Carry an assortment of pretty bags for little dancers
  • Tutu Bags
    Available in different sizes. We stock PW & Studio7
  • Studio7 Garment Bag
    We carry an array of Sizes, Styles and Brands
  • Dream Duffle Garment Bags
    We carry an array of sizes, Gusseted & Non Gusseted
  • Waproo Renovating Polish
    Keep your shoes like new. Black, Ballet Pink & Tan
  • Bunheads Performance Earings
    Add that finishing touch for your performance
  • BunHeads Stitch Kit
    Make sure your ribbons are secure with this thread
  • Energetiks Rock Rosin
    Never slip again. A must of all dancers
  • Glam Eyes by Manicare
    We carry as assortment of Lashes and eye accessories
  • Make Up
    We stock the basics that you need
  • Body Glitter Spray
    Available in Lt Bronze, Gold, Silver, Multi & Sterling Gold
  • Stick-It Roll On Body adhesive
    Stick in place Leotard bottoms, Straps and Face Crystals
  • Zahira Crystals
    Jazz up any costume with a large selection of Glue-On and Sew-On stones to choose from