• Grishko Pointe Shoes & Demi Pointes
    We Carry a large range from Novice to professional
  • Pointe Shoes
    We can custom order coloured pointe shoes from Grishko
  • Demi Pointe Ballet Shoes
    We stock Capezio, Grishko & Sansha
  • Capezio's Future Star Ballet Flats
    Perfect for the little Ballerina. Small enough for 18mths old
  • Leather Full Sole & Split Sole Ballet Flats
    We Stock Energetiks, Capezio & PW Dance
  • Boys Leather Full sole Ballet Flats
    Available in Black or White
  • Capezio Juliet Leather Ballet Flat
    Premium Ballet Shoe. Perfect of exams and auditions. Also comes in canvas
  • Capezio Stretch Canvas Ballet Flats
    We stock Sculpture2 & the New Hanami
  • Energetiks Cosies
    Keeps you feet and ankles warm on those cold days
  • Low Hell Canvas Character Shoes
    For Grade1 & 2 Ballet. Also good for Dance Sport and Macedonian & Greek dancing
  • Cuban Heel Canvas Character Shoes
    For Grade3 ballet and up. Also good for Dance Sport and Macedonian & Greek dancing
  • Boys Canvas Character Shoes
    Available by order only
  • Capezio Leather Footlight 11/2" Heel
    Great for Broadway Jazz, Character & Greek Dancing. Available in Black or Caramel
  • Capezio 2" Heel Chorus/Character Shoes
    Great for Broadway Jazz, Character & Greek Dancing. Available in Black or Caramel
  • Capezio Leather Mary Jane Taps
    Childs sizes have velcro straps, Adult sizes have buckle straps. Black or Caramel
  • Capezio Showtime Tap
    Leather with thin Buckle. Black or Caramel
  • Energetiks Debut Taps
    Synthetic. Black or Tan. Childs sizes only
  • Capezio Cuban Heel Taps
    Leather. Black or Caramel. Heel notch and arch support for comfort
  • Capezio Footlight Taps
    Leather with 1.5" Heel. Black or Caramel
  • Capezio LaceUp Taps
    Leather.Unisex Tap shoe. Available in Full or Split Sole. Black only. Childs and Adults sizes
  • Capezio Footundies
    We stock a range of colours including Flesh
  • Capezio Crystal Footundeez
    We stock a variety of colours and prints
  • Half Ballets
    Available in a range of Brands as well as Leather or Canvas
  • Capezio Turning Pointe
    Design by Sophia Lucia
  • MDM Exo
    provides arch support
  • Capezio Freeform
    Can also be used for Jazz. Available in Black, Caramel or Ballet Pink
  • Capezio Arch
  • Leather Full Sole Jazz Shoes
    Also good for Kids Dance Sport. Black or Tan
  • Leather Lace-Up Split-Sole Jazz Shoes
    Black or Tan
  • Energetiks SlipOn Jazz Shoes
    Leather & Neoprene, Black or Tan
  • Capezio Slip-On Jazz Shoes
    available in Caramel & Black
  • Capezio Pedini Femme
    Add a bit of style to your jazz shoes. Available in Black or Caramel
  • Capezio Jag Jazz Sneaker
    Have the look of sneakers without the bulk
  • Energetiks Debut Dance Sneakers
    Childs & Adults sizes. Black only
  • Dance Sneakers
    We Stock Capezio and Sansha
  • Capezio Hip Hop Boots
    Available in White or Black